Upholstery Cleaning Preston

No matter what type of upholstery fabric the consumer chooses, at some time in its eventful life, it will require cleaning. Some more frequently than others.

Soft furnishings are perhaps one of the largest cash investments in most households, ranking certainly within the top five items such as the family car, carpets, a new kitchen and new bathroom fittings. Regular upholstery cleaning by an NCCA qualified cleaning technician and regular consumer maintenance will extend the life of delicate fabrics significantly, while keeping them looking good.

These more delicate fabric constructions require a more gentle approach. Using appropriate cleaning solutions for upholstery fabrics, CDS Cleaning Services will be able to select the correct method to clean your upholstery fabrics safely and efficiently. Once we have thoroughly cleaned your upholstery we are able to apply fabric protectors to help prevent those unfortunate spills from staining the fabric.

Our 8-Step Process to the Cleanest, Healthiest Furniture

    First we vacuum with a high filtration cleaning system specifically designed for super-high performance professional cleaning.
    We will pre-spot all difficult stains. That is we will carry out specialist stain removal techniques on stains – or those that we know will be difficult to remove using non-specialist techniques.
    Next we will apply an Eco-Friendly pre-spray specially designed to electro-mechanically lift oily dirt and pollutants from the fibres. We gently massage this into the fibres using special soft brushes.
    The computer-controlled hot water extraction machine we use cleans much better because it heats water to a high temperature and then shoots the cleaning solution into the fibres. This helps to break up the dirt, bacteria and pollens in the fibres. The machine then produces a huge vacuum volume to draw the dirt and chemicals out.
    We use the extraction machine to ensure a residue-free rinse that ensures the integrity of your fibres and helps to retard re-soiling.
    Where, appropriate we will groom your furniture to leave it in best possible condition. This usually means we run a grooming brush over the fibres to ensure that they are tangle-free and as ‘fluffy’ as possible.
    This will help the furniture to remain clean for longer, and help prevent spillages becoming a permanent marks.
    Finally, we’ll use special dryers to rapidly dry your furniture so you use them much quicker than normal. 
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What People Say

“Very, very good service.  My furniture and carpets look like new - Prompt, efficient and trustworthy service.

You did everything you said you would”

Mrs Borthwick,  Longton


This is our Quality Guarantee to you - If for any reason you feel the work is not carried out to your total satisfaction, you can simply call and we’ll arrange for any areas to be re-cleaned. If you’re still unhappy we don’t charge you - not one penny!